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A PCA Commercial Building Inspection Can Help Inform You On The True Conditions Of The Building, Make The Right Decision And Minimize Costly Repairs.


At Pacific West Building Consultants, you can expect the following professional service and more:

  • A Building Technician / Consultant With Over 30 Years Experience.
  • Conform to the ASTM International Standard E2018-15 Protocol for Property Condition Assessments.
  • Examine All Aspects Of Construction, Structural, Mechanical, Safety & More.
  • Document All Visible Issues And Provide A Narrative Report With Photos.
  • Provide A Maintenance Report & Guide For Future Replacement & Repair Costs.
  • Fully Explain The Details Of The Report And Answer All Your Questions.

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Inspection Services We Offer

PCA Commercial property inspections for
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Pre & post lease inspections (for landlords or tenants)
  • Annual maintenance inspections
  • Comprehensive inspections
  • Site reconnaissance, prepurchase or preconstruction
  • Investigation/problem-solving
  • Consulting
  • Interior or exterior inspections
  • Retail store condition assessments
  • Pre-listing inspections
  • Other services as requested

Rely on Pacific West Building Consultants Ascertain Your Property’s Condition and Avoid Costly Surprises.

The decision to purchase commercial property has many unknowns. To help avoid costly problems, most seek advise of qualified professionals such as brokers, appraisers and attorneys. But who will advise you regarding the potential hidden structural problems that may exist in the building.

Pacific West Building Consultants will preform a thorough inspection of the building/s and property and will provide a detailed, narrative report with photos on the complete physical condition of your prospective purchase.

Our services conform to the North American ASTM Standard E2018-15 protocol for Property Condition Assessments. All field work and report writing is performed by Professional Building Consultants and/or Engineers who specialize in the area of building inspections.

The report will be a professional opinion, based on the accessible, visible components and systems of the building. We evaluate the current physical condition and visually review the performance looking for evidence of distress. The report will identify deficiencies based on a sampling inspection technique and point out areas requiring improvement.

Types of Properties Inspected
Restaurants, storage facilities, industrial properties, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, churches, warehouses, medical centers, schools, office buildings, apartment buildings, strip malls, motels, shopping malls, hotels/motels, long-term care facilities, vacant properties, marinas and high-end residential estates.

Basic Property Condition Assessment

Areas that are inspected but not limited to:
– The structure (from the interior and/or exterior based on accessible common areas).
– The electrical system (common element components).
– The heating system (common elements components).
– The air conditioning system (common element components).
– The ventilation system (common element components).
– The plumbing system and fixtures (common elements components).
– The roof surface (weather permitting), including flashings, drainage (common element components).
– Interior components – common and/or non-common areas (concentrating on non-cosmetic considerations).
– The exterior wall components from the exterior, including doors, windows, decks, stairs, cladding, fencing, etc.
– Landscape components including walkways, driveways, retaining walls, etc.
– Insulation spot-check.
– Parking & Underground Parkades.
– Water & moisture intrusion.
– Asbestos indicated materials.

Our Clients Include
Investors, banks, landlords, tenants, property managers, building owners, government agencies, homeowner associations, insurance companies, absentee owners, celebrities, sports figures and executives.


Pacific West Building Consutants specializes in providing discreet estate inspection services to public figures, professional athletes and celebrities. We understand the importance of protecting the privacy of our clients. Report and photo custody is protected by a controlled chain-of-possession. Confidentiality is guaranteed.


Our priority is to provide you with unsurpassed professional services. I take care of your best interest and dedicate myself to serving and representing only you with integrity, professionalism and honesty.






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